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Rawlplug® has been an expert in fixings, fasteners and tools for 100 years. The brand’s product portfolio spans 30,000 items divided into 10 product categories: bonded and mechanical anchors, facade and roofing insulation fixings, power tool accessories, manual and direct fastening systems, foams and sealants, passive fire protection system, and fasteners. Every product is provided up to several dozen variants matching specific requirements of different substrates, applications and installation conditions. Each one comes with dedicated accessories, altogether forming a complete system. The products from Rawlplug® are manufactured in some of the most technologically advanced and highly automated plants in Europe, featuring specialised and continuously enhanced in-house research and development centres. It is for their versatility and specialisation that Rawlplug® branded products are so universal, on the one hand, and on the other hand, that they meet requirements of even the most specific and demanding construction works, they offer modern design and unique technical parameters, they are easy to install and extremely durable in operation.

Products intended for true professionals are among the three pillars of Rawlplug’s offering. The brand also provides customers with highly specialised services and innovative training programmes. Our extensive portfolio of services stems from Rawlplug’s comprehensive approach to designing of fixings. What is interesting about our range of tools tailored to the needs of all these professionals as well as the extensive technical assistance is that, on the one hand, they provide the consumers of Rawlplug’s services with high comfort of working under conditions which affect their efficiency and enable them to save time, and on the other hand, ensure safety which they find so important at work. The brand’s training scheme is integrated with the Rawlplug Academy® education project, based on the foundation of comprehensive development of knowledge and skills of our customers. The combination of e-learning platform, Training Centre, traditional classroom workshops and knowledge base, makes it the most comprehensive and useful educational scheme in the sector of fixings and fasteners.

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